King Whore

Some funny money has appeared in the pockets of Swedish consumers.   It, at first glance, is a normal krona, until you read the text on the obverse.  Rather than identifying the effigy as Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden, it identifies him as “Our Whore Of A King”.  Now, them’s fighting words in most monarchies, but this is Sweden, where a disapproving scowl is one of the harshest legal punishments on the books, and also…well…King Gustaf is sort of a whorer, as it were.  It’s good to be the king, I suppose, but when your subjects go through the effort of minting reasonable duplicates of your national currency to protest your sexcapades, it might be a good idea to tone things down a bit.

Counterfeiting Swedish coins isn’t a common practice, so if you want my educated opinion I’d say that these were made as an artistic statement, without intent to be sold or distributed, but their closeness to the real thing got them into the wrong pocket and inadvertently into circulation.   If they were meant as a genuine protest, they’d be out there, and more identifiably a token than a coin of value.