You Can’t Take It With You!

See that guy?  That’s Walter Samaszko, owner of one of the biggest hordes of gold coins found in the United States in recent years.  Samaszko had packed them away in nondescript ammo boxes in his garage, for what purpose, we’ll never know.

You see, Walter passed away earlier this year, and the realtor preparing the house for sale found the boxes of hundreds of gold coins, U.S. and European and elsewhere, patiently waiting for Walter’s plan to play out.   A gold coin appraiser believes there to be at least $7 million in gold at scrap rate, and I’d bet at collector’s prices it’ll be even more.

Walter has a lesson for you all, though - if your fear of economic collapse outlives your ability to spend the gold, then you’re not getting your money’s worth out of your preparations.  Gold sitting in a garage doesn’t earn anything more than the inflation of a dollar: just imagine how much money he spent acquiring all that gold in the first place.   Walter had good intentions, but in the end, you can’t take it with you, so he failed to benefit from all of his planning efforts.