eBay Gold Prices

It has been six months since my last review of eBay gold prices, so here’s the skinny on the current price of gold, as taken from a sample of actual eBay closed auctions for known gold coins.

Coin on eBay April Avg Oct Avg % Chg
20 Franc Rooster $320 $271 -15%
10 Franc Rooster $204 $194 -5%
$5 Eagle $436 $418 -4%
$10 Eagle $809 $823 -2%
Average per oz $1819 $1714 -6%
Actual Gold Price $1425 $1335 -6%

Lookit there:  eBay has been pretty much spot-on, on average, with the actual spot price of gold over the past month.  28% seems to be pretty consistent as an eBay seller’s premium, so be sure you’re figuring that into your calculations.

I came up with $1,335 as an average price of gold for October, but one should note that mid-month gold dropped to about $1275 before bouncing back up into the $1350 range.  Also, note that in April the $10 US gold coin was the outlier; this month the 20franc coin had a bigger change than the others.   It’s only a sample of two, but you might want to consider sticking to the less-volatile smaller gold coins if you want your gold to remain steadier on the eBay market — and watch the larger coins for fluctuations that you can take advantage of.