Being Poor Messes Up Your Head

Cracked, for being the website of poop jokes and making fun of the low-hanging fruit called “reality TV”, has a few real writers.  Writer “John Cheese” (if that really is his name) seems to have followed the normal path of being a writer and have been utterly destitute at some point in his life.  For the rest of our benefit, M. Cheese has compiled two lists: The Bad Habits of Being Poor and Things People Don’t Tell You About Being Poor.   Cheese points out that most of the 10 things on his list are self-fulfilling: being poor keeps you poor.    Who cares how much gold you buy, or how well invested you are: the bad habits and treacherous slope out of poverty can demolish the best-laid financial plans.  Just recently, I’ve been getting back on track after losing a job five years ago, and I see these in my behavior.

Don’t worry, though: rather than just laughing at ‘oh it’s so true’ moments in Cheese’s articles, what I’ve been doing is breaking those cycles.  It doesn’t take a lot of money and willpower to stop behaving poor.  That’s not to say that overstretching finances is the solution – it’s more harm than good – but recognizing that constant upkeep and responsible behaviors is what brings stability.   Most get-rich-quick people act like it’s simple to say, “stop making bad decisions!”   Cheese took the time to lay out what those decisions are, so you can take those steps to financial success, because, as Cheese also wants you to know, money can buy just a bit of happiness.