Bank Robbin’: Not Efficient

If you think bank robbery will be your gateway to a life of luxury and relaxation, think again.  When you do the math and realize that most bank robberies have 1.6 accomplices and take about $30,000, each person walks away with maybe $15,000, or below the povery line in most first-world countries.   So, let’s say you don’t believe the statistics and go for it, and aren’t caught — that’s not even going to last you a year by normal living standards, so what’s next, another robbery?   Statistically, the more you rob, the more likely somebody’s going to find you.  

The big picture, though, applies to investors in banking security equipment.  If you’re selling something that costs the bank $50,000 that saves them only $30,000, then you’re gonna have a bad time.   If you’ve got an invention in mind to reduce bank robbery take, it better cost less than thirty grand, or at least more than the statistical average take that it’ll prevent.