Economy-Building, One Taco At A Time

Personally, I think this looks gross.  I like Doritos, I like tacos, but I can’t bring myself to actually buy one of those Taco Bell Doritos tacos.   I’m in the minority, though: three hundred and fifty million of the MSG-laden quasi-meat products have been sold and consumed by red-blooded Americans, and that means something.   It actually means 15,000 new jobs at Taco Bells across the US just to keep up with demand. That may be only one tenth of one percent of the total unemployed, but who complains about one-tenth of one percent improvement in today’s economy?

This goes to show that big numbers aren’t necessarily what is going to magically save things.  Sure, the housing market and banking interest rates are a big deal, but they are a macro-level of the economy.  Creating a product, even at a couple dollars each, that consumers want is going to have a positive impact on the economy.  “Trickle-down” may not have been as beneficial as predicted, but this is a “trickle-up” economic effect.  If each of those 15,000 new jobs were filled with unemployed workers (most of which undoubtedly were), at over a hundred dollars a week, that’s a million dollars saved in government benefits.  Those workers are making more money, hopefully, which allows them to spend more when they go shopping, which probably results in a mix of higher profits and more hiring in their area, which also results in more sales tax paid, more income tax collected, and more deficit reduction.   Just from one tiny taco.  I might have to go grab one for lunch next time I’m in Fergus, so I can continue to do my part for the economy.

Coin Roll Hunting

The “free silver loophole”, as we learned, revolves around getting rolls of coins from your bank and looking through them for silver coins still in circulation.  This “loophole” isn’t that big of a secret, though – hobbyists have been calling this Coin Roll Hunting, and coin collectors and bullion enthusiasts have been doing it for years.

A good place to start if you want to learn the right way to do things is to check out TreasureNet’s beginner’s guide.   If you think that having to go back to your bank every couple days to get another two or three rolls of coins, you should know that banks ship coins around by the boxload, $500 at a time.   If you ask your bank, they might have one in their vault, or they can ‘order’ one for you.   Digging through a thousand half-dollars at once might be more efficient than a few rolls at a time.

One thing I hadn’t even thought about is the possibility of running across a proof coin in the rolls of circulated cents. Maybe they were spent accidentally, maybe the Mint sent it to banks in error, or maybe some coin collector fell on hard times and bought lunch with it, but a proof coin can be just as valuable as one made from precious metals, depending on quality.

Since this isn’t a new discovery, all the coins you review might already have been picked over for the gems.  This does take time, which is why it’s a ‘hobby’ for most people.  Compared to the time to walk around your neighborhood with a metal detector, or to watch eBay for deals, sitting on your couch, watching TV and drinking a beer, spending a lazy weekend looking through a big pile of coins doesn’t sound so bad.

Free Gold From APMEX

Yeah, it’s a contest, but there’s free gold in it for somebody, and you can’t beat that.  Aside from the 1oz gold coin, they’re also giving away silver, so you have better chances at free bullion than sitting around your living room.

If you were wondering what an APMEX Bullion Center is, it was launched last fall as a collaboration between APMEX and eBay, and the goal seems to be simplicity and trust. As opposed to buying from APMEX’s own website, I guess, so it seems to be more about opening a new market — eBay shoppers who might have thought about investing in gold but only know that eBay is the place to buy things — than to be any new source for bullion.


Pay To The Bear On Demand

I was looking through my server logs, and I can see what people search for on Google to find their way here to this blog.   A while back I made a post talking about what the phrase “will pay to the bearer on demand” means on older money.   Quite a few people come in looking for the exact phrase “will pay to the bear on demand.

Will pay to the bear on demand.

Will pay to THE BEAR on demand.