Meaty Banknotes

Vegans in the UK are raising their weak, spindly arms threateningly into the air over a newly-discovered feature of their “paper” money — it’s made of meat.

So, tallow — a tasty ingredient in your McDonald’s French Fries — is used in the new polymer banknotes.   Vegans, who disapprove of using animal products in any way, of course can’t spend these £5 notes — and, by extension, anything bought with these  £5 notes is verboten, thus making the act of shopping a viral attack upon vegans. Well, I don’t know if that last part is true, but vegans have some weird rules.    No word yet on whether or not the British government will stop slaughtering cows for their tasty, tasty banknotes just yet.

…You Know, For Kids!


Payday loans fit in a certain niche in personal finance, but the abuse caused by short terms and high interest rates causes a huge impact on the poor.  But what about kids?  Pocket Money is a lender focused on giving children small “payday” loans — even though they don’t get paychecks — and teaches them the hard, painful truths about borrowing money.  (It’s not real.)

Mining Bitcoin By Hand


Maybe you can’t afford high-tech ASICs and video cards, or maybe you subscribe to the old-timey idea of the only work worth doing is doing with your hands, like a 49′er headed to California in the 19th century, but either way you’ve still got options — this guy shows you how to mine Bitcoin with a pencil and paper.  The demonstration is most useful as a demonstration of the cryptocurrency process, but if you’ve got a lot of time, you might just end up with a bitcoin in your pocket.

Fake Confederate Money


I remember when I was a kid we went to Fort Detroit and I bought a little envelope with artificially-aged reprints of old U.S. and Confederate money inside. I know a lot of other tourist-traps sold this stuff, and over the years it has apparently lost the connection to souvenir status and people think they’ve got the real thing. Check this list before getting excited about your Confederate money: it’s likely to be a souvenir reprint like mine.